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Transform Your Landscape Company Into a Valuable Turnkey Business

Jeffrey Scott Tony Ricketts Featuring Jeffrey Scott
& Tony Ricketts
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Executive-level webinar for 7-8 figure companies about how to grow into a turnkey business.

This is not your average webinar and we won't bore you with slide after slide of some PowerPoint presentation. This is a FAST-PACED and HIGHLY ACTIONABLE webinar. You better bring your notebook and be ready to write quickly.

Everything is designed specifically for the lawn and landscape businesses that already do 7-8 figures in annual revenue. The information being delivered is high-level for the executive decision-makers in the company.

When was it? December 14, 2021, 1:00PM EST

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The Webinar Speakers Tony Ricketts
& Jeffrey Scott

Internet marketing expert Tony Ricketts and award-winning entrepreneur Jeffrey Scott are two of the most respected and well-known leaders in the lawn and landscape industry.

Tony Ricketts, CEO of Lawnline Marketing, is a marketing expert and green industry nerd. His company is the top-rated marketing agency serving lawn and landscape companies exclusively.

Jeffrey Scott is a renowned coach and consultant for lawn and landscape companies. He built and sold his 8-figure landscape company and now shows others how to. He is also a member of the Alan Weiss' Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame.

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Webinar Topics

Just the critical items, no fluff, no bull.

This webinar is for the powerhouses of the lawn and landscape industry. We'll deliver the most critical aspects of each category below:

  • Build Your Company to Pay Dividends for Life
  • Creating Life-Long Customers
  • Email/SMS/Social Marketing Strategies
  • Learn When to Step Back as Owner
  • Improving Your Company's Efficiency
  • How to Improve Margins with the Right Message
  • Discussion on Peer Groups & Their Impact
  • What Makes a Company Valuable & When to Sell

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When December 14, 2021
1:00 PM EST
Speakers Jeffrey Scott
& Tony Ricketts
Length 60 Mins
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