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The history of Lawnline Marketing.

My name is Tony Ricketts and I founded Lawnline Marketing in 2016, however, our history goes back much further.

In May of 2007, I started Ricketts Web Design, where my team and I provided high-end websites, custom applications, and online marketing services to all industries. For 9 years, we worked with around 80 companies and generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. After years of success and fast growth, I realized we were spending significant amounts of time and resources to learn about each client's industry. Although this contributed heavily to our success, we needed to make a change.

In 2015, I decided we needed to concentrate on a single industry, enabling us to become the best in that space and saving tons of resources. We already had a few clients in the green industry and knew it pretty well, so it was naturally a good fit. After almost a year of planning and systems development, my team and I launched Lawnline Marketing and stopped taking on new clients at Ricketts Web Design.

Producing the same high-end websites and implementing the same marketing strategies, client after client saw huge success. Since our launch, we've grown our customer base to over 200 lawn and landscape companies across the country.

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Tony at Lawnline Marketing
Tony Ricketts Founder & CEO
Angela at Lawnline Marketing
Angela Ricketts Co-Founder
David at Lawnline Marketing
David Rippe Co-Founder
Zach at Lawnline Marketing
Zach Smith Operations Director
Jess at Lawnline Marketing
Jess Fields Content & Media Director
Dan at Lawnline Marketing
Dan Timmons Sales & Communications Director
Jennifer at Lawnline Marketing
Jennifer Perez DMA & Recruiting Director
Jorge at Lawnline Marketing
Jorge ArzolaTechnology Director
Nicholas at Lawnline Marketing
Nicholas MarshallDirector Assistant
Laura at Lawnline Marketing
Laura Ferrario HR & Office Manager
Andrew at Lawnline Marketing
Andrew Boham Elite Communications Specialist
Allan at Lawnline Marketing
Allan Ross Communications Specialist
Mike at Lawnline Marketing
Mike Portesy Content Team Lead
Dominique at Lawnline Marketing
Dominique Rocheford Content Editor
Patricia at Lawnline Marketing
Patricia Sales Content Writer
Katie at Lawnline Marketing
Katie Randolph Content Writer
Madison at Lawnline Marketing
Madison Meglio Internal Writer
Tom at Lawnline Marketing
Tom Darilson Digital Marketing Associate
Claudia at Lawnline Marketing
Claudia Swidzinski Digital Marketing Associate
Peter at Lawnline Marketing
Peter Humleker, Jr.Media Buyer
Quinn at Lawnline Marketing
Quinn BonnerMedia Buyer
Josh at Lawnline Marketing
Joshua RosarioVideography
Jorge at Lawnline Marketing
Jack PerrySenior Web Developer
Kaela at Lawnline Marketing
Feroz Nadeem Graphic Designer
Kyle at Lawnline Marketing
Kyle HuguesLead Analyst
Shrimp Dogg at Lawnline Marketing
Mr. Shrimp Dogg Mascot & Director of Security
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Here are a few testimonials from our awesome clients.

5-Star Review

They were great! We discussed everything we needed in a website and they delivered. We started receiving bid request right away from the new website. One of the greatest things about it is that we still have full control of the website, we have access to all of the controls but they are there if we have any questions and always very responsive. I had a question on a Sunday and they responded right away. Highly Recommend.

Wayne Meadows
Tropical Temptations Landscaping
5-Star Review

Tony and the crew at Lawnline, thanks so much for a job well done. I was so nervous hiring someone to take care of my website design and marketing, it took me 2 seasons to make that decision. It is hard to spend money on services you know nothing about but you all walked me thru it step by step and I really appreciated that. We are only a month into our campaign and my biggest concern now is keeping up with the work, what a great problem to have. I would highly recommend you to anyone.

Rob Cavey
It's Just Grass
5-Star Review

Thanks to Tony and his team for creating the very website we were envisioning! We were in need of an updated site, and I knew from my very first phone call with Tony that Lawnline was the company who could help us best. From start to finish they guided us along and were extremely knowledgeable. Requested changes were made within hours, and phone calls returned promptly. I would highly recommend Lawnline Websites!

Aimee Lindsley
Landscape Solutions

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