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Generating leads for lawn care, landscaping, tree services, nurseries, and related businesses.

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Online advertising services that generate leads for lawn care, landscaping, tree services, nurseries, and other green industry businesses.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Remarketing, & More!

As a Certified Google Partner and the top-rated online advertising agency for green industry companies, we are known for results. We work with companies in lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping, tree services, irrigation, and nurseries. The most common platforms we use for advertising include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook. We also utilize many different types of ads, including search ads, remarketing ads, and display ads.

Our strategy for advertising depends on the services you offer.

The whole point of doing any kind of marketing is to generate leads. In order to do this effectively, our strategy changes based on the types of services you offer. For example, if you want to grow your lawn mowing and maintenance services, we'll focus on Google Search Ads and Facebook Promotional Ads. If you want to grow your hardscaping services, we'll focus on Google Search Ads, paired with Google and Facebook Remarketing.

How we consistently get conversion rates over 20%.

If you do a Google search for "good Google ads conversion rate", you'll find varying opinions, but most will say that around 5% is a good target, and 10% is great. Here at Lawnline Marketing, we consistently get 20% to 25% conversion rates. We've even had customers sustain at a 30%+ conversion rate. So how do we do it? Simple—we run the ads properly! Doing it right takes a lot more work, but the results are worth it.

Check mark for Ad Group SelectionAd Group Separation
Ads are created to target a specific keyword and are only paired with very close variations.

Check mark for Huge Negative Keyword ListsHUGE Negative Keyword Lists
One main reason for Google Ads failures. We make sure you only show for relevant searches.

Check mark for Creative AdsCreative Ads
With our experience and piles of data, we know what encourages people to click your ad.

Check mark for Manual OptimizationManual Optimization
We don't let Google auto-optimize, we use human eyes to handle all optimizations weekly.

Check mark for Full ExtensionsFull Extensions
Extensions = more visibility. We use them all properly, including direct call and site links.

Check mark for Local Map TriggerLocal Map Trigger
Ever seen the one ad under the local map result? We know how to place you there.

Check mark for Settings & ConfigurationSettings & Configuration
We ensure your ads are properly shown geographically, and at high conversion times.

Check mark for Dedicated Landing PagesDedicated Landing Pages
This is our secret sauce. Each advertisement gets its own strategically created landing page.

Screenshot: Google Ads high conversion rate.

Platforms and types of advertisements we use.

As mentioned above, the strategy used for your online advertisements depends on the services you offer. Two important parts of the strategy are the platform to utilize and the type of advertisement. Here are the most common types of advertisements we run for our clients:

  • Google Search Ads: These are the standard pay-per-click ads you see at the top of the Google search engine. This is the only way to guarantee a first page ranking on Google and they usually have the best results. These are standard for almost every service in the green industry.
  • Google Local: Sometimes, Google allows this one advertisement to show up under the map on local searches. This is a specialized placement that requires certain parameters to be met but results in very high click-through rates. This placement is utilized for most services in the green industry.
  • Google Remarketing: Ever been to a website and then saw their banner ads everywhere you went? That's Google remarketing. This type of advertisement works well for long sales processes, such as landscaping, hardscaping, and outdoor living spaces.
  • Google Affinity Ads: This is a type of advertisement that works similarly to remarketing, except you target people who have an interest in services you offer or who visited your competitor websites. These ads work well for higher-dollar projects like landscape and hardscape installs.
  • Bing/Yahoo Search Ads: These search ads are exactly the same as Google search ads, but appear on the Bing and Yahoo search engines. They typically have cheaper click prices, but lower search volume. These ads work great for all types of green industry services.
  • Facebook Demographics & Interests: We set up your ads on the Facebook network to display to those who live in certain areas, are homeowners, have shown interest in landscaping, and a series of other interests/demographic targeting. This type of advertising is recommended for all types of services but works especially well for lawn care and maintenance.
  • Facebook Remarketing: Similar to Google Remarketing, we can show advertisements to people on Facebook that have visited your website before. These work fabulously for landscaping and hardscaping companies.
  • LinkedIn Ads: Advertising on LinkedIn is more suitable for those that offer lawn and landscape services to commercial customers. On LinkedIn, we can target people based on positions, industry, and more.
  • Content Marketing: This is a type of marketing that uses both demographics/interests and remarketing on all social media websites you're active on, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Instead of promoting your services, we promote content, such as project case studies. Content marketing is a key element for hardscaping and other high-cost services. People respond to these so well because you advertise by providing ideas and education, not a sales pitch.

Ask us about which advertising platforms are most effective for your services.

We're a Certified Google Partner. What does that mean for us and our clients?

A Certified Google Partner is a company that has demonstrated successful advertising campaigns on the Google network through both exams and performance. To become certified, we have to have at least one expert on staff with certifications from Google, as well as manage a large number of accounts that spend certain dollar amounts. We also have to consistently demonstrate that we have strong performance and new client growth for a period of at least one year. At Lawnline Marketing, we've met all of these requirements and Google has granted us a Certified Partner status, validating that we are a recommended choice for running advertisements on the Google network for your business.

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Let us deliver new leads for your business.

If you're in the green industry offering lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping, tree services, or are a local nursery, then give us a call to discuss paid advertising online. We'll talk about the costs and what you can expect. Our consultations are always free, just call (813) 944-3400.

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