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If you're in the green industry and want to rank on Google's 1st page, then you need our organic SEO services.

Organic SEO is a collection of services executed over time.

Many customers ask us if search engine optimization (SEO) is included with our websites as if it's a feature. Regardless of what you hear, SEO is not a feature or a single task. Real SEO is a series of tasks and services that must constantly be done over time.

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The level of optimization and time required to rank on Google's 1st page depends on the level of competition and your current authority online.

So how long will it take for SEO to work for you? Well, let's consider that all aspects of optimization are being done properly and you're targeting prime keywords, such as "lawn care" or "landscaping". The low competition areas could see results as quickly as 1-2 months. For most areas with a medium level of competition online, gaining organic rankings could be expected within 3-4 months. If you're in a high-competition area, then you should be prepared for 6-12 months or more.

Our SEO services and strategies that contribute to results.

When we provide search engine optimization for lawn, landscaping, or other green industry companies, we have specific services and strategies that we've proven to work many times. All strategies we use are completely white-hat and will never get you in trouble with the search engines. In the SEO business, there are no shortcuts.

Check mark for Properly Built WebsiteProperly Built Website
Your website being properly built is step one. If this is wrong, everything else will struggle.

Check mark for Blogging & Ongoing Content CreationBlogging & Ongoing Content Creation
Constantly create engaging content such as educational articles, tips, reminders, and case studies.

Check mark for Target Long-Tail KeywordsTarget Long-Tail Keywords
Target keywords with less competition. These can add up more than the prime keywords.

Check mark for Target Suburbs & Nearby AreasTarget Suburbs & Nearby Areas
If you're in a high-competition city, target the smaller suburb areas with less competition.

Check mark for Business Listings & CitationsBusiness Listings & Citations
Listing your business in the right places - Google, Bing, Angie's List, Houzz, Yellow Pages, etc.

Check mark for Strategic Review BuildingStrategic Review Building
Building online reviews to the strongest platforms that impact your ability to rank on Google.

Check mark for 3rd Party Engagement3rd Party Engagement
Create engagement with your business from people on social media and other platforms.

Check mark for Removing RoadblocksRemoving Roadblocks
We find what's hurting you and fix them, like link disavows, citation inconsistencies, etc.

Just as important as the services are keyword research, analytics, tracking, and competitor analysis.

Performing all of the SEO tasks and implementing the different strategies is very important. However, most companies fail to do research and track progress. We're not just talking about Google Analytics and Google Search Console (everyone uses those). We're talking about doing keyword research, analyzing how visitors interact with your website, tracking organic search engine rankings over time, and monitoring your competitor's SEO efforts. We implement the following software for our SEO clients:

Check mark for Google Analytics & Search ConsoleGoogle Analytics & Search Console
Analyze the traffic coming to your website and searches that have shown your website.

Check mark for Keyword ResearchKeyword Research
We use Google's tools to find keyword variations, search volume, and competition level.

Check mark for Organic Rank TrackingOrganic Rank Tracking
We scan the major search engines weekly and track your progress for organic rankings.

Check mark for Authority & Backlink MonitoringAuthority & Backlink Monitoring
Using 3rd party tools, we monitor the new backlinks and domain authority changes weekly.

Check mark for Competitor MonitoringCompetitor Monitoring
We don't just track you, we track what your competitors are doing to keep you in front.

Check mark for Heatmap & Video RecordingHeatmap & Video Recording
Monitor how your visitors engage with your website through heatmaps and video recordings.

Screenshot: SEO tracking software.

The tracking and monitoring software we implement takes SEO to a whole new level.

Start your journey with us, the top-rated SEO agency in the green industry.

If you want to get your lawn care, landscaping, tree service, or nursery business website to the top of the search engines, then get in touch with us and let's have a chat. One major difference between us and our competition is not only our reputation and methods but our proof. We don't need to tell you about how we get our clients to rank, we can show you first-hand with numerous clients all over the country. Call us at (813) 944-3400 and speak with our team about SEO, the consultation is completely free!

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